Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY Entertainment Center Shelving

When I first saw this post on Life thru a Linds, I knew I wanted to make it!

My inspiration

I started with a trip to Lowes. To save money, I knew using raw lumber would save money versus buying shelving wood. I chose 1x12s. This would give me a nice size shelf but not too thick.  I also needed to buy hooks, chains, and shelving brackets. 

I chose this really cool antique bronze chain. It was actually cheaper than buying it by the foot. (about $7 for 10 feet). For hooks, I had to get plain silver ones. I also got white shelving brackets. This would give more support than the L- Brackets they used. I wanted it all to blend, so I picked up Rustoleum's Metallic spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Rustoleum is the best -no priming needed.

First up, stain!
Minwax Polyshades in Dark Walnut Satin
These are two 1x12x8 and a third cut into two 30" boards.

I then used the spray paint on all the hardware.
I loveeeeee it! This is the best spray paint ever. It goes on so smooth and I did 14 brackets and 20 hooks and I still have about half a can. Definitely worth the $7 for the bottle. (I foresee "new" hardware around my house...)

That just leaves assembly!
 My wonderful dad helping out!


 It is all ready for the 4th of July!

My table is, too.

Total Costs:
Flat Screen Anchor........$30
Wood.......$48 ($16/board)
Stain (I already bought it for other crafts, so this is for about 1/5 can).... $2.
 Hooks - pack of 25........$6.
Shelving Brackets (14 @ $1.50 each)..... $21
Spray Paint..... $7
Chain (20 feet)...... $13
Screws......about $20

Total Price:  $147

It seems like a lot up front, but these days you can't get a solid entertainment center, especially new, for that price!

A special shout out to my dad for helping me!